skeletal-related pathologies and cancer

The Phinney lab combines basic and translational research and drug discovery to deliver highly efficacious cell-based and drug-based therapies for the treatment of skeletal-related pathologies and cancer.

Our laboratory currently has research projects focused on Regenerative Medicine, Adult Stem Cell Biology, Skeletal Pathology and Cancer Therapeutics. We employ a variety of molecular, biochemical, and genetics-based approaches to study skeletal stem cell biology and how their dysfunction contributes to skeletal pathophysiology in response to diet-induced obesity, mechanical unloading (disuse), and chronological aging. The laboratory also has a strong program directed at mesenchymal stem cell biology with emphasis on developing metrics that reliably predict therapeutic potency to develop cellular therapies tailored to specific disease indications. Lastly, we are also engaged in collaborative studies aimed at developing novel small molecules that target the hypoxic tumor micro-environment and when used in combination enhance the potency and reduce the toxicity of existing chemo-therapeutics and immuno-therapies for breast cancer.

Microscopic image